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Choosing a Wetsuit

An important part of an enjoyable water sports experience, whether that is scuba diving, windsurfing or any other water sport, is wearing the right kit, including the right wetsuit. While for the novice, a wetsuit may just be a wetsuit, there are a wide choice of wetsuits available with a variety of thicknesses, designs and… Read more » and Cerebral Palsy

  Cerebral Palsy is the most common cause of childhood impairment in the UK. 1 in every 400 births in the UK have some sort of Cerebral Palsy. Here at, Cerebral Palsy is pretty close to our hearts. I have spastic quadriplegia and Simon has athetoid quadriplegia, so you know when we talk about… Read more »

Getting The Right Clothing To Fit Your Swimming Needs

I will start with a head to toe look at what can be worn for swimming and how selecting the right equipment can help make swimming comfortable. It is all about personal choice, and so there are no right or wrong answers, just suggestions. While the average swimmer may be able to pack light, just… Read more »

Swimming with Additional/Changing Needs – Article Collection

Swimming is probably the most accessible leisure activity there is, with the right support and equipment, there is no one who cannot engage with swimming. By swimming, I mean any activity of being immersed in water, usually an indoor pool. I have been swimming since before I can remember and remain a water baby, loving… Read more »