Monthly Archives: February 2015

Wrong Trousers, Right Idea?

So apparently some rather clever chaps over at the University of Bristol are about to go all Wallace and Gromit on us. Apparently they are about embark on a 3 year project to develop ‘robotic trousers’ that could be a viable alternative to traditional mobility devices such as wheelchairs and frames. For those unfamiliar with… Read more »

3D printing? Are we seeing the future?

Need a new leg? Print it. Need a new arm? Print it. Need a new wheelchair? Print it. Or how about repairing some damaged nerves? Yeah that’s easy. 3D printing, is fast becoming the answer to some pretty big questions. For those who don’t know, 3D printing involves robotic devices creating objects out of different… Read more »

Being Gay and Physically Impaired

The first time I realised I was gay was when I was 21 at the family Christmas Day lunch when I saw how my brother and step-brother were acting foolishly, and realised that was just not me. The realisation I was gay was no surprised or shock to me because it seemed to fit in… Read more »

How To Use Your Assets To Get That Date

I think it’s fair to say that public opinion (and let’s face it, our own opinion when we have down days), is that anyone with any sort of additional requirement will find the ‘coming of age’ situation of getting a date a difficult, awkward, perhaps even harrowing experience. Well, there may be cases in which… Read more »

How To Look Good On Wheels

When it comes to the art of pulling I am no expert. However, not being an expert never stop me from having opinion or indeed, sharing said opinion. So here goes – this is my guide to becoming an easy rider (I couldn’t think of anything better).  Clothing Getting your look right is so important… Read more »