Monthly Archives: April 2016

BMW Make A Wheelchair

BMW have got into the business of making racing wheelchairs? That’s cool right? Maybe in 10 years everyone will be pushing around in racing chairs made by Mercedes? The BMW racing wheelchairs will be piloted by American para athletes in Rio. As opposed to many racing wheelchairs, the BMW version is made completely from Carbon… Read more »

The Wheelchair Flight Guide

Airports are a minefield for anybody. The increased security, while entirely necessary, makes getting through on to a plane no mean feat. Airports and wheelchairs? Just adds to the complication. I’ve been through a few airports, got on a few planes and even done a solo trip or two. So I’ve picked a few helpful… Read more »

Uber Gets Inclusive

Uber gets a bad reputation for its various missteps and PR gaffes. But I’ve always had a soft spot for them. Because for disabled passengers (particularly those in wheelchairs), Uber is a great way to stop being overcharged. On a trip to London last year to watch the Rugby World Cup – I don’t know… Read more »