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Wheelchairs, Time To Think Again?


Wheelchairs have been around for a long time. They have looked different over the years but people have always used wheelchairs. Going back to ancient China, Confucius was often depicted in one. However, history also show many people with physical impairments were left without any kind of help and often had to crawl on all… Read more »

5 Easy Exercises For Those With Mobility Issues

Managing a physical long-term condition can be tough, especially as we get older and good advice can be hard to come by. But doing some simple exercises on daily basis can make more of impact than you realise. So we’ve put together five simple exercises that you can either do in a morning or at night. Ab… Read more »

Top Tips For Disabled Train Passengers.

Day out in a wheelchair in London

Travelling on a train as a disabled passenger can seem off putting. From worrying about getting the right help to local stations being inaccessible, there can seem like a lot of barriers for the disabled train passengers. We’re pretty experienced disabled train passengers though, so we have put together some helpful tips and advice for… Read more »

A Disabled Friendly Night Out In Leeds


Planning a night out with a physical disability can be a challenge. From that strategically placed step, which you weren’t expecting to finding out there is no disabled loo, all these little challenges can stop from getting out the door. Leeds is a beautiful city though and is full of accessible venues. So we’ve put… Read more »

A Day Out In London In A Wheelchair

A day out in London in a wheelchair can seem like a daunting experience. It is all about answering questions like: “How do I get around?” “Where are all the accessible loos?” “What are the best wheelchair friendly attractions?” Hopefully this short blog should help you answer some of these questions and have better London… Read more »

What Can Go Into A Disabled Student Toolkit

The right mix of products and knowledge can bridge the gap for a disabled student. But what sort of things make a good disabled student toolkit? The Essentials   Your Phone Yes this is obvious but that doesn’t mean you should not include it! Your phone will always be a critical part of your disabled… Read more »