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Pokemon Go – The Wheelchair Test

Pokemon Go. Has there ever been a more successful launch for any game, ever? I don’t think so. You only have to look at the look at the surge in Nintendo’s share price – Go added roughly $7.2 billion to the company’s value in the past week. That dipped a little yesterday but Nintendo’s value… Read more »

The DayBag

My DayBag is my daily box of tricks that hacks life and makes it a little more accessible! So I thought that I’d write a post and tell you what’s in it. Choosing A DayBag First of all, choosing the DayBag itself is important. If you a wheelchair user or a wobbly, you want something… Read more »

How To Chop A Onion With Poor Coordination

Chopping an onion with poor coordination

If you’ve got poor coordination like me, chopping fruit and veg can be risky business. I nearly lost the top of my right thumb once trying to cut a potato once… But recently I came across a nifty little life hack that I think really useful for those who like food and have poor coordination…. Read more »

Brexit Would Be Bad For Disabled Travellers

Brexit would have major implications for disabled people who want to travel across Europe. An EU directive ensures that disabled travellers can get assistance boarding planes, going through airports and the transport of mobility aids. In the wake of Brexit, there is no guarantee that these standing arrangements would continue. Furthermore, membership of the EU… Read more »

Interview with Simon Lyons of Version22

Version22 recently completed their Kickstarter campaign for their second product Nimble. Nimble is clever little device that allows you to safely open tricky packaging. The campaign was wildly successful – they exceeded 600% of their original funding target. Here at Ethos Disability, we’ve had relationship with Version22 going back to summer of last year –… Read more »