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Why The Invictus Games Matter

The 2016 Invictus Games are going to take place between 8-12 May. The Games will feature 500 competitors from 15 countries, competing across 10 different accessible sports including athletics, sitting volleyball, wheelchair basketball and rugby. What Are The Invictus Games? The Invictus Games were an initiative started by Prince Harry. On a trip to the… Read more »

BMW Make A Wheelchair

BMW have got into the business of making racing wheelchairs? That’s cool right? Maybe in 10 years everyone will be pushing around in racing chairs made by Mercedes? The BMW racing wheelchairs will be piloted by American para athletes in Rio. As opposed to many racing wheelchairs, the BMW version is made completely from Carbon… Read more »

The Cerebral Palsy Gym Session

Getting in the gym with Cerebral Palsy should not be scary. In fact, I love the gym and when I have the CP problem – the gym is the place that I go to. So I decided to share my Cerebral Palsy gym session secrets. I’m going to try cover a lot of ground in… Read more »

Review – The Theory of Everything

  Professor Stephen Hawking is perhaps one of the few disabled people, along with musicians such as Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles – whose achievements are transcendent of their obvious limitations. Hawking however, is perhaps more intriguing than some others because his condition, should have meant he passed on some time ago. The fact that… Read more »

Top 10 Comic Characters Who Have Impairments

Comic Characters are all perfect right? They fly around, lift heavy things and look pretty. And in today’s culture, they’re on everything and they are everywhere. I’m sure that there are some African tribes men who do not recognize Superman’s S shield but caves don’t have Wi-Fi. I think though that there is a tendency… Read more »