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Magic, Rules and Pushing Boundaries

Living with additional needs is challenging. Living well with additional needs can seem impossible. Picture the scene: You are going down the street. Every step or push feels like such a challenge. Every effort feels like the last. Then you hear a familiar sound; that clink, clink, clink of skin against rim and then, you… Read more »

3D printing? Are we seeing the future?

Need a new leg? Print it. Need a new arm? Print it. Need a new wheelchair? Print it. Or how about repairing some damaged nerves? Yeah that’s easy. 3D printing, is fast becoming the answer to some pretty big questions. For those who don’t know, 3D printing involves robotic devices creating objects out of different… Read more »

We Need To Revamp Wheelchair Assessments

Brunel University have released the findings into a study about wheelchair assessments for people with multiple sclerosis (MS). The study, which included 91 participants with MS has suggested that a more ‘holistic’ approach to wheelchair assessment. The study is one of the first in the UK to suggest that assessment teams need to look at patients… Read more »

Virtual GPs Should Not Be The Future

NHS chief executive Simon Stevens, said today that general practice medicine would in the future be accessed virtually. With Patients being able to access ‘face-face consultation from their smartphones or tablets. In an interview with The Financial Times, Stevens said that the practice of reporting for a physical appointment with GP was ‘alien’ to many… Read more »