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The Wheelchair Luggage Problem

There is a little known thing called ‘The Wheelchair Luggage Problem”. The problem is niche problem of more generic one – namely that wheelchair user never have a free pair of hands. Our hands are always in use. Meaning that we struggle to carry, lift or push anything else but our chair. “The Wheelchair Luggage… Read more »

The Wheelchair Flight Guide

Airports are a minefield for anybody. The increased security, while entirely necessary, makes getting through on to a plane no mean feat. Airports and wheelchairs? Just adds to the complication. I’ve been through a few airports, got on a few planes and even done a solo trip or two. So I’ve picked a few helpful… Read more »

Why I Love Seable Holidays

When we started, we were determined not just to offer the same products and services that you could find most everywhere else. We want to be able to give you the options that allow you to thrive. This is why I am so pleased to be able to bring you holiday packages from Seable,… Read more »