Ethos Disability Disabled Students’ Page

It can be hard for disabled students. From making potentially life-changing decisions to gaining access to the right support, disabled students (like all disabled people) have a lot to contend with.

We have a belief here at Ethos Disability and that is in knowledge equality. That is why we have put together a specialist disabled students’ page. On this page, you will find a great mix of informative blogs, resources and links that you need to know.

The Basics


If you are planning to go to university (or returning) and you have disability, then you need to know about Disabled Students’ Allowance. DSA can help you cover some of the extra costs that come as result of having additional needs.

DSA can be used to fund things like

  • Personal support around campus.
  • Assistive technology such as tablets and software.
  • Travel costs.
  • Equipment for your accommodation like desks and office chairs.

When you apply for student finance – you can also apply for DSA. You can apply for DSA even if you have not applied for DSA in previous years.

Find more information on DSA here –  

Let People Know Your There

Whichever institution that you intend to go to (or are already at), they will not automatically be aware of your additional needs. So, you need to make them aware of who you are. It is important to remember that even if you have already been attending university without support, you can access support later on.

Your needs can change, you may have developed new needs or become aware of needs that you were previously not aware of.

Things change, you change and it is important for you to communicate those things to the people around you.

So who do you talk to?

Every university or college will have a specific disabled student department. If you look on the insitution’s website – you will find their contact details.

Organisations That Can Support You

Disability Rights UK operate disabled students’ helpline that can provide support and advice to disabled students’ in England. See their page here.

The National Union of Students have a specific representative whose job it is to support disabled students. Find out more here.

Student Minds is the UK charity for student mental health in the UK. Th