An Ethos Disability Guide To Hand Bikes For The Disabled


As a social business we strive to help you discover what products will best serve your needs and support you towards achieving personal goals. To help you familiarise yourself with what is a satisfying and hugely beneficial form of exercise we’ve put together this page for you, which will run through the capability of the hand bikes available to you and other resources to help you decide on the right hand bike for you. Once you’ve got to grips with the various options available to you and have a better understanding of the terminology discussed in this page, you will be in a great position to kick-start your new hobby.

If you’re not up to speed when it comes to hand bikes for  the disabled and want to speak to a member of our team, please feel free to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!


Why A Hand Bike?

Hand bikes offer a fantastic opportunity for the disabled to keep fit, get competitive, or just explore their local area. For those working through a post operative-exercise programme for rehabilitation purposes, hand bikes are a great option to aid your recovery.


What Are The Capabilities of Hand Bikes On Offer?

Clip ons:

These are the simplest and cheapest form of hand bike. They are convenient attachments that can be added onto most rigid frame wheel chairs. When it comes to clip on hand bikes you can have both battery powered and manually operated options. We work closely with Team Hybrid to provide the ideal solution to everyone we work with. Below is an excellent video of freedom and versatility purchasing a clip on can bring to your life.

Our partner Team Hybrid have a number of different options available, below are a couple different clip on hand bikes for disabled and physically challenged people interested in getting out and about. We’ve included these options to help introduce you to what is available on the market:

Coyote S7 manual handcycle: A great entry level hand, purely manual hand bike for those wishing to really step up their fitness.

Cougar S24 Pedelec Power Assisted Handcycle: For those who want to add a punch to their hand bike, Team Hybrid have a great power assisted hand bike that offers a perfect blend of battery and manual power.

Clip ons can range from the more leisurely and upright option to those who want to get competitive, with those after racing handbikes having full carbon fibre available to them. We recommend speaking to some of the experts we have here at Ethos Disability before you make the next step towards a purchase.


Off-road capabilities

Modern day hand bikes are extremely capable and can offer disabled people a chance to tackle even the trickiest of terrains. Below is a great little video showing Team Hybrid’s Viper Classic tackling snowy conditions with ease, which is a great option to have on your side during the winter months.

In the past hand bikes for disabled and physically challenged people may have been slightly limited on the off-road front, but now not only are they more than capable of tackling the adverse weather conditions that can be experienced throughout the year, but they can also offer the adrenaline hunter the chance to tackle some real off-road riding.

Below is a little snapshot of the capabilities of the Viper Sport making recreational off-road riding look easy. This type of hand biking is great for the more experienced rider.

There are other options for improving your experience on more uneven ground. Ethos Disability have access to the innovative loop wheels through our Team Hybrid supplier, which have integrated suspension to help improve riding through terrain such as woodland or park ground. Below is a short clip showing them in action.

Associations and resources that can help you get into hand biking

Hand biking for the disabled has several organisations and associations that are set up to support anybody who wishes to pursue hand biking recreationally.

Handcycling UK: This organisation promotes hand cycling throughout the UK, and offers resource and advice from recreational riding right up to international racing. You can become a member from £15 a year.

Exploring hand biking internationally: Following this link offers a great opportunity for hand biking for the disabled and physically challenged in Austria, giving you a chance to explore hand biking further afield.

Climb By Bike: This is a great resource for discovering peaks across Europe that can offer a challenge to any hand biker looking for their next big test.

Bentrider: This site has many resources for disabled people looking for more information around the world of hand biking. There is a plethora of information on different equipment available to the disable hand biker, and is a great resource for wider research on the topic.

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