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Cerebral Palsy is the most common cause of childhood impairment in the UK. 1 in every 400 births in the UK have some sort of Cerebral Palsy. Here at, Cerebral Palsy is pretty close to our hearts. I have spastic quadriplegia and Simon has athetoid quadriplegia, so you know when we talk about Cerebral Palsy, we’re coming at it from a point of view of real experience.

In the blogs, Simon is covering products and service consideration for people with CP who want to get into swimming and other water sports. I am doing Youtube Q&As so post your Cerebral Palsy questions to the forum and we’ll give you the answers!

What Ethos has for People with CP 

Apart from our great feature writers like Simon Stevens, Ellie Simpson and Jamie Burton, we also have a number of products and services that our customers with Cerebral Palsy should know about. Below I’ve picked out a few I think are worth a look:

Bluez 2 Bluetooth Headphones –

Personally, I’ve alway had a problem with headphones – or specifically breaking my headphones! I’ve spent more money than I care to count replacing headphones that become damaged beyond repair. It’s not that I am particularly careless in any way but when you roll around in a wheelchair all day, there a number of easy ways to break headphones. Whether that is straining the audio jack or tearing the insulation – there a number of ways that traditional headphones can become easily damaged, while you are pushing around.

Bluetooth headphones like Bluez can eliminate a lot of those problems and at £89.99 – they are relatively affordable, especially given the spiralling prices of headphones these days.

The Cougar Ezee S –

If you like to be out and about with friends or family, where you go can often be limited to where you get to. Walks with the dog or going for a walk can become difficult in that day chair. Maybe the little wheels at the front make it tricky to get over the uneven ground, maybe you get so muddy that it makes it impossible to grip. Or perhaps your just not as young as you use to be. In all of those cases, the Cougar Ezee S can be your answer. The attachment that can be docked on and off of your existing manual rigid frame wheelchair, is ideal for those who need a little extra power. The Ezee S combines a manual crank with a Lithium power unit – meaning you can still exercise those muscles but gain a little extra power in those hills and rough paths.

That is all I have for now – Please remember to post your Cerebral Palsy questions in the forum!







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