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    Louis Speight
    Louis Speight

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    Hi Louis,

    I’ve recently been diagnosed with a 14mm leg discrepancy on my left side.

    What would you say the average acceptable leg length discrepancy is in adults. At what point would you suggest further action such as customised shoes or even surgery?

    I also need to be careful with informing my healthcare as they may not cover these conditions?

    All help widely appreciated.


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    Louis Speight
    Louis Speight

    Hi James

    Thanks for posting a question. It is difficult to say if there is an acceptable leg length discrepancy. Discrepancies are very common amongst most people especially those who are active and regularly engage in amateur sport.

    The main thing with something like leg length discrepancy in my experience is understanding that what you need to do is learn to manage it. Whatever aids that you put in place, you still need manage the condition to get the most out of whatever you put in place. Leg length discrepancy for instance, can make the muscles on your inside thigh very tight, similarly your hip flexors and buttocks. This all puts strain on your posture and ultimately lead to further issues.

    Surgery for me is always the last resort. If you have surgery, you will still have to do all of the above and you will also face great disruption in your life. Sometimes, surgery is the only way but for me, it is always the last resort.

    In terms of what orthotics solution is best. That really depends on your situation. Your healthcare advisor will have suppliers that they use and it is probably best to go with their suggestion. You can of course do your own research and you retain the right to ask for a different supplier to be used should you so wish. Additionally, you always retain the right to exchange/change said solution if you are unhappy with it. This is a really important point, although it might not feel like it at times, you are still a consumer and you still have the same consumer rights.

    Let me know if you want any more advice.


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