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    I’ve just registered on the site and found it a bit difficult. I think the following points would have made it easier.

    • Have a register as well as login button. Having a 2 step register process will put a lot of people off.
    • After I’d registered the message did not tell me that I needed to wait for an email so I could use the site as a registered user.

    I think the following would make the members section better:

    • On the members list show people who are most active and have profile pictures on the site at the top. You want to show off how active the site is, and this will help give that impression.
    • Allow people to upload a photo as well as using gravitar. I love gravitar, but some people won’t know what it is and some people might just want to use a different photo for your site.

    Small broken things:

    • In edit profile I couldn’t save my website address
    • In edit profile, the back to profile link takes me to an almost blank page
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    Louis Speight
    Louis Speight

    Hi Richard

    Thanks for your awesome feedback! We’ll get on this and let you know. If you have anymore ideas please post them here.

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