Will I be forced into a care home?

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    Louis Speight
    Louis Speight

    Will the closure of the fund mean I need to go into care?

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    Simon Stevens

    It is extremely unlikely. Councils can not forced you into a care home unless it is your home is unsuitable for your needs and the closure of the fund is not going to change the physical accessibility of where you live.

    Depending on your situation, you may be offers less hours of support if they feel all your needs can still be met. If you want more hours then they are willing to provide, they may offer residential care as an alternative but this will be your own choice. However, I think this is again unlikely.

    If you are still living with your parents, you may prefer some kind of residential care to help you feel more independent, as a stepping stone to having you own home.

    Residential care is also very different to what it was from the 1980s and some people may choose them.

    I am not aware of any mass plan to forced anyone into residential care.

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      Louis Speight
      Louis Speight

      Do you think the closure will be good in the long run?

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    HI Louis,

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