How To Look Good On Wheels

When it comes to the art of pulling I am no expert. However, not being an expert never stop me from having opinion or indeed, sharing said opinion. So here goes – this is my guide to becoming an easy rider (I couldn’t think of anything better). 


Getting your look right is so important for the budding wheelchair Lothario. Make some schoolboy errors here – and you’re out the game before you even start.

Things to Consider

  • If you’re in a chair, white is probably a colour to stay away from. In my experience it is just too easy to get stained and if you’re anything like me there are just so many ways to acquire a stain. Slips of the hand with a wine glass, a splash from a puddle or someone else spilling something on you – the possibilities are endless. Dark colours are always easier to hide these things.
  • On the same note, I’d always think twice before wearing long sleeves. There is nothing worse than getting them damp or dirt on them.
  • If you struggle with buttons – best to avoid shirts all together.

A good jumper or other form of knitwear is real winner.


Like French Connection roll neck from Asos. It looks smart and you can roll the sleeves up and down


  • As far as pants go. I have one rule; the easier to get them off the better and not for the reason that you’re thinking of. If you’ve ready my guide to wheelchair pub crawls, then you’ll know that getting to the loo can be a bloody pain. The last thing you want when you get there is trouble undoing your zip. If you really need the help – adaptive clothing is available.




Personally, I am a big fan of Chinos because their light, smart and take it from me – they’re easy to get off. And don’t go thinking they are just for 1D wannabes.


  • There are a couple of points that I’d consider with footwear.


Are you going to stand in them?


Can you slip them off and on?


How do they make your feet look in your chair?


If you’re going to stand in your out of your chair, dress shoes are maybe a no, no because if you’re anything like me, I just don’t get enough heel support from dress shoes. If I know I am going to stand, then I always go for something with good heel support.


What I have also found can be really important is how easy it is to get the thing off and on! Sounds stupid I know but all these little things build your confidence because you’ve thought through the situation and you’re prepared.


Here are some options that I’d go for:



  • Coats and jackets. This area is possibly the trickiest to get right. Why? Because it is dead easy to get it wrong.


My number one tip with jackets/coats – try before you buy. Go into the shop and try it on. Make sure you can   do it up, make sure you feel comfortable pushing around in it and it doesn’t look too big. My other tip would be to try and make sure that it doesn’t hang over the sides. If does, it will soon get dirty and frayed because it will get caught in the wheels. This is especially important for things like blazers.


So now we’ve got you’ve clothed – lets get you out and about.

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