Why I Love Seable Holidays

When we started ethosdisability.com, we were determined not just to offer the same products and services that you could find most everywhere else. We want to be able to give you the options that allow you to thrive. This is why I am so pleased to be able to bring you holiday packages from Seable, a community interest company based in London.

With Seable, your holiday becomes an experience. You’re not restricted to a hotel or complex, instead you can experience all that Sicily has to offer and feel completely safe in doing so. I began getting to know the company director Damiano La Rocca last year, and what was instantly clear to me, was his passion and commitment to providing a first class experience for his customers.

At Ethos Disability, this is very important to the way we do business, we get to know the companies that we work with and worked hard to ensure only the best quality offerings make into our marketplace. With Seable, I knew almost instantly that they really were doing something special.

I know from personal experience that travelling with a wheelchair in toe can be a daunting experience. You’re never quite sure what the place you’re travelling to is going to be like. Simple concerns like what the local paths are going to be like, are the bars and cafes going to be accessible? What about transfers to and from the airport?

I once travelled with a mainstream provider and was denied entry to the bus because they did not take wheelchairs. The attendant wanted us to pay extra for minibus, when we had already paid for the transfers as part of the package cost! The whole situation defied common sense and adversely affected the start of a premium cost holiday. Then you have the problem of hotels not being truthful about their accessibility, placing steps strategically in vital areas such as bars and reception areas. Which if we’re being honest, is completely unacceptable when you are paying premium prices.

You are a consumer and you are paying good money, you deserve the best. Click here for latest from Seable.


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