Making Contact With Contactless

The art of paying for things has always been challenging for those of who wheel bound. I, myself, have created more queues in Tesco than I care to mention.

People Waiting In Line

People Waiting In Line


And paying for things, I think has a great significance. Stop me if you have heard this before…

Person in wheelchair queues to pay for goods. They get to the front of the queue and pass their goods across. Then when they come to pay, said cleric turns to the person next to them. 

That does not happen very often but it does happen. Then there is the whole business about paying. Whether cash or card, the whole thing for me is a real hassle. It takes me an age to get cash out or I have to fumble popping my card in and inputting my pin.

Then came contactless payment…




Finally a solution that meant all I needed was a quick swipe and go. Problem is this payment nirvana can be easily spoilt by the terminal being misplaced. To high or low, its all becomes something of waste. In Starbucks the other day, they had some strategically placed caramel waffles that made the swipe and go impossible! Caramel waffles for god’s sakes…

This to me is a symptom of a larger problem in small transaction based businesses across the land. It is all in the small details. Organising displays, planning walkways etc.

For businesses of any size, you could be losing up 20% of your customer base just by not getting the little details right.


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