Booq Mamba Daypack Review

So first of all – big thanks to Booq Europe for the chance to trial their product. This is the first review in a planned series on the best backpacks for wheelchair users by wheelchair users. It’s fair to say that most of us need to carry a fair amount of kit around – tech, medical devices, a change of clothes etc. This makes having the right backpack pretty important – you want one that best meets your needs. I use my backpack mostly for my commute to work, to carry my Mac, charger and the papers I need for the day. On the odd occasion, I may use it for overnight trips or as hand luggage but mostly it getting to and from the office. So that’s exactly what I did with the Mamba.And after a day taking it to and from the office, my conclusion is that if you’re after a compact, lightweight pack for just a few bits, it’s a real winner.

Overall If you're an active wheelchair user that needs a compact, lightweight pack for just a few bits - I think the Mamba is a real winner.
Booq Mamba Daypack Review

It’s a minimalist’s dream: small, compact and sleek with a wireframe interior that has separate compartments for your phone, tablet and laptop. I liked how easy this made it to organise my stuff, and there was plenty of room for all my papers, books and folders. There’s also an additional pocket at the front for stashing loose items. (I always like to have at least one separate pocket, as I don’t like keeping my keys or wallet in my trouser pockets – they’re too hard to reach when I’m sitting down in my wheelchair.)

Some more big pluses:

1. The Mamba’s compact size meant it didn’t rest on the back bar of my

wheelchair, getting black marks all over it. (Hey, it’s shiny and white and I like

it that way).

2. The adjustable straps are short, so they didn’t get caught in the wheels as I

pushed along.

3. The Mamba is incredibly light so it won’t weigh you down.


Booq Mamba Daypack Review
Editorial Rating:
3.5 out of 5

Having said all that, I can see potential problems with the Mamba. Its size means that if you need to carry more than books and a laptop, you probably need to look elsewhere. Also, I carried it on my shoulders, which was fine but I’m not sure how stable it would be hanging on a set of handlebars. Another possible downside is that, if you struggle with your hand coordination, you might have a bit of trouble with the Mamba’s zips – the tassels aren’t very long, which could be tricky if, say, you’re a quadriplegic. Other than that, though, it’s a qualified thumbs-up from me. FOR THE CHANCE TO WIN THE MAMBA – SIMPLY REGISTER WITH US: HERE