Cabin Max Mertz

As a wheelchair user – getting carry on luggage can be tricky. Whether it’s for that stag do, a long weekend or you’re travelling on a budget, carry on luggage isn’t always that easy to carry. I recently went to Tenerife to visit a friend for five days, the first leg of tour to see various friends abroad. So I figured that I needed to be smart and get myself a piece of luggage that really fitted my needs. Enter Cabin Max Mertz.

I think all that I really need to say is Cabin Max allows me to move through an airport by myself. And that is a great thing.
Cabin Max Mertz

Cabin Max is a piece of hand luggage that at 55x40x20cm make it suitable for over 20 European airlines such as Ryanair, Easyjet and Jet2. The main thing for me is that it is not a case on wheels. It is essentially a real big backpack, which was exactly what I was looking for. So instead of trying hopelessly pull a case on some ill-fitting wheels, I can load up Cabin Max on my back and away I go. I have to also say that I was really surprised about the capacity of Cabin Max, I think that I could easily go away for a week with what I can fit in it. So big points for storage. Also on some backpacks, the design of the straps can mean there is a gap between the bag and the user’s back. This is no good for a wheelchair user because it drags the shoulders back and can cause injury. This is also a problem if you decide to hang a bag on handle bars because the bag can drag you down. Tighten the straps and your good to go. On top of all of this, the Cabin Max is a complete steal at £29.99!

Cabin Max Mertz
Editorial Rating:
4 out of 5

There are one or two problems with the Cabin Max that you should be aware of as a wheelchair user. The first is, because you have tightened the straps, the tassels become long. This doesn’t sound so much of a problem but they can easily become trapped in your push rims. Tassels caught in push rims are one of the greatest potential disasters that you’re ever liable to come up against. Don’t be a victim. Also you should be aware that once the Cabin Max is packed, it can be quite heavy so you might want to think twice before leaving it on your back the whole way through. I have to say as well that although the Cabin Max has plenty of space, it doesn’t really have the same wireframe compartments that you might find on other brands. This can be a problem if you need to find important items en route and also going through airport security. If you have essentials, like meds or assistive tech – you may need a smaller bag to keep hold of this stuff.

I have heard other reviewers say that they felt Cabin Max was not built to last – I really don’t know what they want for the price. I think all that I really need to say is Cabin Max allows me to move through an airport by myself. And that is a great thing.