Quokka Bag

I like the Quokka bag. That sounds like the bluntest statement that I could make but I have to say that I don’t usually like things like the Quokka bag.

I’m a minimalist you see – when it comes to wheelchairs and accessories. Most accessories that I see leave me thinking, ‘ah that would just be another thing.”

I travel a lot for work and for leisure – all I want is a durable chair that can take a beating.

I like the Quokka bag. That sounds like the bluntest statement that I could make but I have to say that I don’t usually like things like the Quokka bag.
Quokka Bag

But despite my natural aversion, I saw in Quokka bag, the potential to solve a problem that has bugged me for some time. Namely retrieving stuff from my pockets – phone, keys or my wallet to name just a few. I have written before about this problem in my Trabasack review and the Wheelchair Lad’s Guide to Pulling. You don’t want a bulky rucksack; you just want a pocket alternative.

Previous efforts in this space have focused on products that hang on the back of the chair or underneath it. Both these solutions create the same problem – you have to stop and muck around to get what you want. What I have always been after is another pocket. Something that I can just slip my hand into and get what I want. So, having Quokka just fixed on to the side seemed to answer this problem. The other problem that I suspected Quokka might solve is – keeping these essentials secure on a night out.

My reservations about Quokka centered on whether having something stuck on to my chair, would create a problem when I tried to turn in a confined space. Whether in a packed bar or just at home in the kitchen – being able to perform tight turns is crucial. A nice to have is always trumped by these practical considerations. Additionally, I was also concerned about how Quokka would perform be slung in the back of boots and the like.

To properly answer these questions, I thoroughly tested Quokka Bag over two-week period. The test included my usual work schedule that takes me across the Yorkshire region and night out in London.

Quokka Bag
Editorial Rating:
5 out of 5

And I have to say that I have not had my wallet in my pocket for two weeks. Quokka bag has become my go to pocket. Whether in a queue in Greggs or in a club in Clapham – Quokka Bag was my pocket. And while is true that there is the odd occasion you catch the bag on a doorway – it doesn’t get in the way really.

What is also interesting is how I used Quokka in the gym. I switched to wireless earphones a while ago – read the Jabra review here. The upshot of using wireless headphones is – I don’t need to keep my phone in hand. So while in gym, I just kept my phone in the small Quokka bag.

I read a interesting post on Techcrunch about the iPhone 7, iWatch and how the new ear pods fitted together. They put forward this idea that iPhone 7 is the brain and soon you won’t touch it while your walking around. You don’t always need the phone to hand so keep it secure in a Quokka bag.

For the everyday pocket solution – I decided that I just wanted the small bag. But I definitely would use the larger version for things like airport trips, which would be perfect to keep passports, tickets and other important docs in easy reach.

And despite my chair being thrown around there is no damage to the bag at all. So need to remove it every time you chuck the chair about.

Stylistically, having the Quokka bag attached to your chair might not be to your taste. I did have people calling it a man purse but I don’t care. It is 2016 after all.

My lack of coordination meant that fitting the mounting system was a problem for me. Also the packaging was tricky for me to open, I’m a fan of card over plastic personally. I want a box that I can unpack.

Overall – the small Quokka bag has solved a genuine problem for me, which is a very rare thing indeed.