Trabasack Curve

It’s fair to say that the average wheelchair user has their hands full most of the time. So a little help goes along way. I’m hardly ever seen without my rucksack firmly planted on my shoulders and I’ve tweeted about how a well-designed one is like an extra pair of hands to the #wheelchair user. With a good #rucksack, you’re safe in the knowledge that your essentials like #tablet, #laptop or other paraphernalia are secure and in easy reach.

It’s fair to say that the average wheelchair user has their hands full most of the time. So a little help goes along way.

If you’re like me, you might also stash your wallet, keys and other essentials there too. (Getting hold of those things when you’re sitting down in your chair is downright tricky – no one wants pockets squashed against the mud guards.) Or maybe you prefer a bag that hangs down underneath your seat. That’s a good option, but I tend to find my legs are often just in the place I want to reach. Even with my rucksack, I still have to swing It off my shoulders and poke around to find what I want. Not ideal holding up a massive queue at Tesco. The Trabasack

Curve offers a genuine solution to these issues. Boasting an elegant, yet effective design, it fits neatly into your lap so you can carry your keys, phone, tablet etc securely. It’s a proper ‘Life Bag’ that lets you store everything in easy reach. You can tell inventors Duncan and Claire Edwards have genuine first hand experience of everything I’ve described above (Claire is a wheelchair user). What also shows is their commitment to stylish product design. Having met Duncan, I can tell you that he has a genuine passion for this and it really shines through in his and Claire’s work,

The Curve also doubles up as a tray. Now, from a personal perspective this doesn’t overly appeal. My CP means I don’t really trust my legs not to send a cup of tea flying through the air at the mere mention of my own name! But if your limbs are less volatile, the Trabasack Curve means you’ve got a bag and a tray table in one. Bonus.

Trabasack Curve
Editorial Rating:
4 out of 5


The Curve is £39.95, which is competitive. My Sussie Gear rucksack cost £59.99 and I’d place the Curve in that quality bracket



An elegant solution to everyday problem, the Curve is the real deal!


Score – 4/5

The tray/lap bag combination might not be for you if you’re a little on the jumpy side like me, but that’s the only reason for the Curve

not being 5 stars.


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