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  • Viper Power Cycle Review by David Harper

    The Viper was worked extremely hard and I can say that it fulfilled only what I could dream of before Ethos Disability introduced me to it

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  • Uber App Review

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Blog posts relevant to Physical Impairments

Why would I want a Personal Assistant?

Having a new health condition or impairment, or a change in an existing health condition may result in an increase in the support and assistance you require. You may choose for a wide range of reasons to fund this yourself although it is also likely you will approach your local authority to see what they… Read more »

PA Insurance, Why You Really Need It.

  If you directly employ a personal assistant than by law you must have employer’s liability insurance, and this is what has been encompassed into what is now packaged in what is called PA Insurance, which has been customised to understand the specific needs of personal assistants and their employers. Most councils include the costs of the insurance within… Read more »

3D printing? Are we seeing the future?

Need a new leg? Print it. Need a new arm? Print it. Need a new wheelchair? Print it. Or how about repairing some damaged nerves? Yeah that’s easy. 3D printing, is fast becoming the answer to some pretty big questions. For those who don’t know, 3D printing involves robotic devices creating objects out of different… Read more »