Cougar S24 Pedelec Power Assisted Handcycle

In just a few seconds Cougar S24 will transform your rigid frame wheelchair into a fantastic sleek and sporty power assisted handcycle. We have designed this great machine to make life easier and more pleasant for handcyclists.



Cougar S24 Electric Assisted Handcycle with Pedelec Twin Drive

Cougar pedelec twin drive system combines pedal assist and throttle operation. A perfect example of hand bikes for disabled.

Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS): The pedal assist sensor is mounted on the bottom bracket and provides crank speed information to the motor. The motor will not activate until PAS is activated. A magnet ring is mounted onto the sprocket and when the cranks are rotated the magnets passing the PAS activate assistance. Electric assistance is felt as soon as the rider starts peddling, power delivery is modulated via the handle bar mounted console.

Power on Demand (POD): This feature is activated using the thumb throttle. The motor delivers immediate power to the wheel when the throttle is activated. POD overrides the pedal assist sensor. This is of great benefit when gear selection is inappropriate; the rider is at a junction or hill climbing.

Pedelec twin drive electric assistance can be felt as soon as the rider starts peddling. Cougar S24 can be operated with or without the pedelec twin drive and it is possible to instantly switch from manual to power assist. Twin drive assistance can be used continuously although in order to conserve battery power it is good practice to anticipate gear changes when approaching an incline and to use assistance only when extra power is needed.


Compact, Lightweight and Long Lasting: Our 36V Lithium-ion battery weighs only 2.5kg yet has an 11.5Ah capacity. The 18650 Panasonic cells used in our batteries are widely known to be the finest available. Protected by a battery management system, the batteries provide a great combination of energy density and cycle life, allowing you to achieve more miles per charge.

Highly Reliable: Battery management technology protects packs from heat, voltage imbalance, and over-current. The BMS (Battery Management System) dramatically improves cycle life and prevents battery fires and explosions. All Li-ion cells benefit from precise battery and pack management technology.

Currently Li-ion battery packs with a capacity exceeding 300Wh are classified as Hazardous Material – Hazmat Class 9 they will not be allowed on aircraft except on cargo flights and have to be packed in carton approved with UN3841 (Lithium Battery and Equipment). We can supply 8Ah batteries if you intend to fly with your cycle.

More detailed battery information.

Docking System

Coyote S24 can be connected to most rigid wheelchairs via a docking system that is permanently mounted under the wheelchair. Once connected it takes only seconds to dock on.

The rear of the docking system is bolted to either the axle or a bar going across the back of the chair. The front of the docking system is bolted to the bar underneath the seat canvas towards the front of the seat. Some chairs do not have this bar, Kuschall for example. In this case we tailor a bar to the chair, which is then bolted on using clamps or the existing holes.

Fatigue Testing

Our docking system has succeeded in passing vigorous fatigue trials in the USA this included being drop tested 6,667 times along with a multi drum (rolling road) test of 200,000 cycles without failure or the need for adjustment on any component.

(Testing was carried out using the Viper power cycle connected to a Quickie GPV wheelchair)

The docking system will add around 1.7 kg to the weight of the wheelchair and once fitted actually strengthens the frame of the wheelchair.


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