Viper S200 Power Cycle

Viper S200 is a powered quick release front attachment designed to fit the majority offixed frame wheelchairs and will transform your wheelchair into a rugged and reliable battery powered go almost anywhere form of transport.



Viper Power Cycles are Versatile, Effective and Efficient

Viper power cycles can be easily transported in the back of your car and be ready to use within seconds. A perfect example of hand bikes for disabled.

Viper Power Cycles will transform the way that you use your wheelchair

Taking the dog for a walk for example is now easy; the kids will love it now you can keep up with them. Stroll along the beachfront or meander through wooded paths. Are you a keen angler if so getting to that out of the way fishing spot is now much easier. Most places that were otherwise inaccessible such as festivals, boot sales, steam rallies and much more are now accessible thanks to the Viper.

Viper S200

The electric system we have chosen to use for the Viper S200 utilises the finest components making it extremely reliable. Weighing 3.7kgs the brushless motor with inbuilt planetary gears and freewheel is built with exceptional technical specifications, with minimal drag, the motor spins with minimal resistance when the motor is not switched on.

High quality Japanese NMB and German FAG bearings along with Dow Corning silicone grease for the planetary gears have been employed during motor construction. High-grade copper windings along with Neodymium magnets allow the motor to perform with an efficiency of 83%.

One of the great features of this system is the attention that has been put into keeping it from water damage. The motor cables are completely sealed where they exit the hollow in the center of the axle. The motor controller is treated with a waterproof conformal coating and is potted and sealed with a black rubber material inside the aluminum housing.

Viper S200 comes equipped with double V-Brakes with one of the brake levers cutting the motor when the brake is applied, the second lever houses a locking button, all of this ensures a safe ride.


Compact, Lightweight and Long Lasting: Our 36V Lithium-ion battery weighs only 2.5kg yet has an 11.5Ah capacity. The 18650 Panasonic cells used in our batteries are widely known to be the finest available. Protected by a battery management system, the batteries provide a great combination of energy density and cycle life, allowing you to achieve more miles per charge.

Highly Reliable: Battery management technology protects packs from heat, voltage imbalance, and over-current. The BMS (Battery Management System) dramatically improves cycle life and prevents battery fires and explosions. All Li-ion cells benefit from precise battery and pack management technology.

Currently Li-ion battery packs with a capacity exceeding 300Wh are classified as Hazardous Material – Hazmat Class 9 they will not be allowed on aircraft except on cargo flights and have to be packed in carton approved with UN3841 (Lithium Battery and Equipment). We can supply 8Ah batteries if you intend to fly with your cycle.

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