How do I start recruiting a Personal Assistant?

Once you have decided to employ a Personal Assistant, and decided what you wish them to do and how many hours you wish them to work, it is time to start the actual recruitment process.

Recruiting a personal assistant is something that needs to be planned to get it right. To start, you need the right paperwork set up so you and your prospective staff know what you want from them. This will include a ‘job specification’, a document that describes what the job you are offering entails, and a ‘person specification’, a document that describes the type of person you are looking for in terms of their skills and other qualities. At this point, you may wish to produce an employment contract, ‘house rules’ and possibly an application form.

The next task is to decide where you may wish to advertise for your Personal Assistant. This could be at the local job centre, although this can be a slow process. A generally successful way to advertise a job is within the local newspaper and associated websites. Sites like Gumtree are great for attracting local candidates and its free to advertise.

Most newspapers have a specific day every week where their classifieds are focused on recruitment. It is important to produce an advert that has the relevant information applicants will look for, while keeping you safe.

Before placing the advert, it is important to create a plan of when you are going to carry out the relevant parts of the recruitment process. This means that you need to decide when will the deadline for applying for the job close, when will you interview people, when will you make a decision on who to employ, and when do you wish them to start. Depending on your situation, the whole process can be as short or long as you like. However, if it is too short, you may not give enough time to attract enough people to have a good selection to choose from. If it is too long, applicants may lose interest and find other jobs before you have been able to offer them the job.

After placing the advert, you may choose to send out application forms to interested applicants, or conduct a short telephone interview to ensure they meet your essential requirements, like being able to drive, before inviting them for a face to face interview. It may be useful to arrange interviews to all occur on the same day if possible, so you can compare applicants together before making a final choice.

After the interviews, it is time to select whom you wish to offer the job to, although it is possible you may not feel anyone was suitable and so decide to advertise again if this is practical. The interview stage may also lead you to change your ideas of the specific hours of the job, or employ two people instead of one, anything is possible at this stage. The recruitment process is important to get right to find a good member of staff and it is important to plan each stage, asking for appropriate help if you feel you will need it.





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