Team Ethos


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We are always looking for talented individuals to join Team Ethos! We are currently looking for individuals with additional/changing needs to work as bloggers and product reviewers.


Group 3 + Have Fun

As a Team Ethos member, you get to review great products, keep some freebies and have brilliant new experiences. We work hard to ensure every member of our team is fulfilled and happy while working for us!


Group 4 + Group 5 + Get Paid

Our reviews and blogs come from the people really in the know, people with additional/changing needs. But if you are blogging or reviewing for us – well then you’re working for us! That means you get paid. We do things properly.

Group 6 + Share

Our philosophy is simple – share your experience. By sharing experience, we can create paths for people to follow and move more people toward living differently. Email for more information.