The Wheelchair Lad’s Guide To Pulling

Stop me if you’ve heard his one before, “the person has to see past the chair and see the person.”

That’s a load of rubbish so lets try again. “The person in the chair has to make themselves seen.”

And that lads is the golden rule to pulling when you’re on wheels because I’ve got news for you, its 2015 and wheelchairs are sexy bits of kit.

Let me put it like this – when you’re in a bar\club\pub and you see girl/guy that you like, they are not going to look at you twice if they can’t see you. What do I mean? Well to be honest with you, I see so many lads in chairs with bad posture. They either look like their in pain or comatose – if this the first impression you give, you’re going no where.

If you think this is you, here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Strengthen those back and abs muscles – if you can then this is must. It’ll add height to you in your chair and straight away your creating the first impression you want.
  • Don’t be afraid to get out onto a seat – if sitting in your chair for long periods is uncomfortable, make sure you transfer (but beware wheelchair thief).
  • Look at yourself in the mirror – watch how you sit in the mirror and figure out where you are and where you want to be.

Now you’ve got their attention – think about how you’re interacting with them. Make sure that you’re making eye contact, it’s so important. Even if you’re on different levels, always try and make sure that you are meeting their eye. Its bad form old boy, to have a conversation with a lady’s chest in any situation.

Emily talked about disclosure in her article – now my policy here is simple, operate on ask and tell basis.

Think John Cleese, there is no need to go full on for the get go. If the person asks a question then answer it with honesty. But do not go, “oh hi, I’m Louis and I have Cerebral Palsy.” It just screams insecurity. Likewise, if someone asks a question and you avoid it.


So now for closing:


Tip 1 – Always try and get them back to yours. At this point, you’ve no idea what their place is like. There could be stairs and no lift, cobbled streets or a bathroom that is the same size as cupboard (these have all happened to me). Avoid this whole minefield by getting them to come back to yours.


Tip 2 – If you’ve got personal stuff like discreet catheter or meds, take somewhere to stash them. Trabasack is good for that kind of thing. For meds organiser, check out Sabi


Tip 3 – Communicate. If something isn’t quite right for you, don’t act awkward, talk them and tell them what the problem is.


For tips on how to dress – see here.


Right lad, you’re good go.


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