Writing a job description for my Personal Assistant

The job description is one of the key documents needed when you recruit a personal assistant, since it informs them on everything you would like them to do. The job description is more than just what to wish you to do on a normal shift, but should include anything else you may need them to do in emergencies or specific occasions. It is a legal document that agrees what the job entails, and therefore if you ask your personal assistant to do something that is not in the job description, they may legitimately refuse to do it.

This means that the job description should be worded to encompass as much of the tasks you may ever require your personal assistant to do, without becoming too vague as to become meaningless. As well as what you may require on a day-to-day basis, it is worth considering what you may require when you are in hospital, when you go on holiday, when you visit friends and family and so on. It is also important to include the little jobs which may need to be performed like changing a light bulb.

While you may wish to add specific tasks like gardening, decorating and dog walking, it is important to state you are asking them to perform these tasks as lay people, limited by common knowledge and your direction, as opposed to having any specific expertise, unless you are trying to employ a professional.

The job description must reflect everything you may require assistance with however small. Once it is produced, it is a document that should be provided to perspective staff before or during the interview stage of the recruitment process. This will provide them with an opportunity to discuss any concerns they have doing any of the tasks required, maybe for health, religious or other reasons. You then have the opportunity to decide if you wish to employ them with this knowledge and therefore amended job description.

The job description is also an important document to monitor the performance of staff and may become relevant to any disciplinary or grievance situation. If you have a good relationship with your personal assistant, the job description is something you will unlikely to need to refer to on a day-to-day basis after the induction process.







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