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Here at Ethos Disability, we understand that looking after children with disabilities can be very demanding, both physically and mentally....

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We are all so reliant on travel these day, from getting to work to going on holiday. For those with...

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Here you will find everything you want to know about wheelchairs, including: how To buy, how to use and how...

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Here's where you'll find reviews of products and services by the people who use them.

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Mental Health

Here you will find blogs related to mental health.

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Here you will find all our related posts for physically disabled students in the UK. Feel free to get in...

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Quokka Bag Review

Reaching for things in your pocket, whilst in your wheelchair can be a pain and no one wants to be...

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Job Hunting

Job Hunting with a Disability

Job hunting is hard. But like so many other things in life, job hunting can be that much harder if...

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Why You Might Think About Getting A PA

In times gone by, if you needed a little extra help you got a carer. Someone who might help you...

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Tips For Disabled People Who Travel Solo

Travelling solo as a disabled person can feel impossible because you can get caught in the trap of thinking, "I...

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Tips For Coping With Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are no joke, if you suffer a severe attack, they can feel like having a heart attack, with...

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How Do You Keep Mentally Well?

One of the biggest challenges today is staying mentally well. There so many challenges to staying mentally well these days....

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