Winter Coats for Wheelchair Users


Winter is coming…

No this is not Game of Thrones, winter is really coming and we all need to be prepared. But being prepared for winter can be tricky if your needs have suddenly changed.

It might be that you’re in a wheelchair for the first time, or you’re finding that your just as hardy as you once were. In this blog, I’ll be discussing clothing choices for different needs in the winter.

Getting good winter coat for a wheelchair user can be tricky.

The issues:

So what should you be going for?

Option 1

He by Mango


This He By Mango retails for £46 and for me is good value. This style offers a lightweight waterproof option. The one thing you may want to bare in mind is the button up style might not be for you, if your say a quadriplegic and your lacking a little coordination.

Option 2


Bellfield Jacket


This Bellfield Padded Jacket With Contrast Trims retails at £65. Jackets like this offer an extra level of warmth from Option 1, but it is not bulky that you can’t get your arms through a good push.

Option 3

faux leatherjacket


This is Faux leather jacket from Zara is another solid bet for the wheelchair user’s winter. Coming in at £79.99, it’s affordable and has a good quality sheepskin collar. You’ll be warm and still be able to get from A to B.

Option 4




This black wool blend peacoat from Forever21 is nice option if buttons don’t bother you. For me, they’re always a bit of a pain so I try to avoid them. This is an alternate style to the offers but isn’t too bulky that you’d feel constricted. It’s a snip at £40.00!


PS: slant pockets are always a bonus. You don’t have to wrestle with your pocket just to check Whats App!

The Avoids


gangsta jacket



The Gangsta. I tried long coats and had nothing but trouble. They were a real pain to whip off and on in a hurry. Also I constantly found bits of the material getting trapped in my wheels. The coat looked worn really quickly.


That’s all I have for now. If you like what I had to say, drop me a comment or a share. If you have questions – drop these into the forum and I’ll try and give you a answer ASAP.

Cheers for now!


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