The Disabled 20 Something Xmas List

What do you get your disabled 20 something? You are the disabled 20 something and you’re wondering what should be on your Xmas list.

Jabra Move Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

The Disabled 20 Something Xmas List

These are on my own disabled 20 something Xmas list! Why? Simply really; I spend £100s a year on headphones because I break a lot of pairs because the wires are constantly becoming trapped in wheels – so good bye wires – hello massive savings!

It isn’t my fault honest! They just get caught in my wheels, trapped in my side guards and tangled in the brakes of my wheelchair. Well this year I am breaking the habit of breaking my headphones by going wireless. Yeah man – and my wireless companions of choice – these sexy Jabra Move.

At just £46 on Amazon – they are a complete steal. If you don’t believe me – just check out the TechRadar review.

Booq DayPacks


Booq were kind enough to send me sample DayPack to review earlier on in the year. Booq are now among my favourite life bag makers. If you’re like me, and carry your life around on your back – a good bag is essential and the great thing about Booq is – they’re light, compact and stylish. You can see their range here and purchase on Amazon.

UNYQ Prosthetic Covers


UNYQ prosthetic covers got a mention in our The Disabled Kid’s Xmas List but I think they’re a must have for adult as well as kids. The sheer range and styles available are amazing. Learn more here.

The Active Hands Gym Pack


The gym pack from the Active Hands Company could be  just the thing to kick start that New Year, New You resolution.

What about stocking stuffers for our disabled 20 something Xmas List?

The Schwalbe One Wheelchair Tire


Tires are like socks – we all think Xmas starts loosing its magic when we start receiving them but are thankful later on in the year when that inevitable puncture happens! The Schwable One is a bit pricier than others in the range but it is the best. Give your disabled 20 something, the tire that they deserve this Xmas! You can buy them from Spokz here.

The Affordable Memory Foam Wheelchair Cushion


Its £9.99, need I say more? Buy it here.

Care Designs’ Green Pashmina

Jade Pashmina L- on lady- 300dpi

The Care Designs Green Pashmina is clothes protector with style. You can buy it here.

Sabio Folio Grande


Pills, Pills, Pills (or should that be girls, girls, girls?!). I’ve confused myself now.  I’m just glad that I don’t have a complicated meds schedule to follow, because if I did, I’m sure that I’d mess it up. But if I did, I’d be sure to snap up a product from Sabi – they make stylish medication management products that look cool but also do the job. But don’t just take my word for it – read Diane Murray’s review. You can see all the products in there range here.

Get Them An Experience

Calvert Trust Exmoor Logo close crop

We’re not just limiting our disabled 20 something Xmas list to products. You could push the boat out and get them an experience like a trip to the Calvert Trust. The Calvert Trust provide accessible outdoor adventures to a range of people with different disabilities. Read the review that we did here.




Nimble is the second product from Version 22 design studio. For me it’s a perfect stocking stuff for Disabled 20 Something Xmas List, especially if they are a uni student. Check out our review here.

I hope you find something on this list for your disabled 20 something.


This is the ultimate The Disabled Kid’s Xmas List for 2015 – Santa is going to be inclusive this year!

Here at Ethos Disability, we’re aiming to make every disabled kid’s Xmas list as imaginative as a herd of flying reindeer.

The Kiddy Coyote


Kiddy Coyote is a great way to turn any kid’s wheelchair into a off-roading beast. Still want to get out in the winter with your mates? The Kiddy Coyote is just what your looking for.

Victoria certainly loves her.

The UNYQ Prosthetic Cover

I bet that if you’re disabled kid’s Xmas list has something to do with Iron Man on it? Well if said person is amputee, why not let them look like Iron Man? Not possible? Think again –


Thanks to the amazing people at UNYQ all kinds of funky prosthetic covers are available to make prosthetics of every shape and size, stand out from the crowd.  Find out more here.

Switch Adapted Toys

The disabled kid's Xmas List

Some disabled kid’s can find some toys tricky. This can be frustrating for both kids and parents alike – fear not! For our disabled kid’s Xmas list includes switch adapted toys. Switch adapted toys are great way to make fun a little more accessible.

Inclusive Technology have a great selection of switch toys that would make it on to any disabled kid’s Xmas list (like Micky pictured above). Although sellers like Inclusive Technology are great, they can be pricey for some budgets so always check out eBay for offers like these minions:

$_57 (2)

Gaming Adaptions


One of our suppliers – LEMPIS deals in adaptations for games consoles and they’re pretty great for bringing Mario to the masses.


Now I know what you’re thinking – EyeGaze – it is too expensive right? Wrong! Thanks to the clever people at The Eye Tribe and Dad In a Shed – EyeGaze can be for everyone.

Sports Stuff

So you’re a wheelchair racer? Or Rugby player? Maybe you’re wanting to get into something in 2016? Well we’ve got you covered.

Wheelchair Racing Gloves


These Harness racing gloves are what all the cool kids are wearing. You can grab a pair from Draft or keep an eye on DisabledGear for some good quality second hand ones.

Active Hands – For Kids


Some kids can have trouble getting to grips with their new bike 0r trike. With the Active Hands Mini Sized Gripping Aids – that is no longer a problem!

iPad Protection


For kids who a bit like me – handling expensive items like iPads can be a bit nerve racking. I constantly worry about dropping the thing. However, thanks to the lovely people at Tabtooth there is no need to worry as they have a great range of options to keep your iPad protected (even if you drop it).



Is it a tray? Is it a bag? It’s better! It’s both! Trabasack  is a great gift for any kid who loves their tech.

Safe and Sound Pods

_gallery-image (1)

For some children, sleeping at night can be difficult and it can be hard for parents who worry. Why not go for a Safe and Sound pod this Xmas – a present for kids and parents! Safe and Sound pods come in a variety of shapes and sizes – and can be custom made to fit all needs. Get in touch with them here


blog image

An Ethos Disability Guide To Hand Bikes For The Disabled

A Guide To Winter In A Wheelchair | Winter is Coming




No, this is not a blog about GoT. This a making use of the good old House of Stark mantra to prepare you for winter in a wheelchair.

Lets be clear now – preparation for winter in a wheelchair is not this:


Or indeed this –


But when it starts to get snowy, windy and wet – life for your average active wheelchair user can be pretty tough. So what can you do about it.

Love The Steam

For many active wheelchair users keeping warm in the winter can be a real challenge. If you experience spasticity, your muscle tone will go up and down like a yoyo. I find that it is really important to make sure you have regular hot showers/bath – the steam is really good for just relaxing any tension in your body.

Clothing For Winter In A Wheelchair

Clothing is really important during winter in a wheelchair.

What You Put On – The golden rule here is that it easier to take layers off than it is to put them on. If you’re unsure about whether to put T-shirt underneath a jumper/jacket combo – you have to think that you can always take it off later. Staying warm is important but you still need to be able to get around in your wheelchair – so even though you have to stay warm, don’t sacrifice your mobility.


Items like this Berghaus fleece are ideal if you ask me. It’s light and won’t encroach on to your wheels and get all mucked up. You can buy it here.

The winter in the UK means you’re going to see fair amount of rain. If you are in a wheelchair, umbrella’s are not really a option. This means that having some reliable waterproofs on hand can be really important. Something like this lightweight Kagool can be a real good option – as you can always stash it in a bag or leave it to dry.

If you do get yourself damp – I’ve found that it really handy to have what I call wet zone inside your backpack. This means that you can always take off damp layers and stash them out of the way. Winter in a wheelchair can often be damp – don’t get caught out.

Gloves Or Not?

Many people wear gloves when they are pushing manual wheelchair. It is a personal choice in many cases, I do not wear gloves because I lose too much grip (mostly because I do not have a lot to begin with). However, there are many nights in the depths of winter, when I wish that I did!

If you do want to wear gloves – then these are a good option.

So How About Getting Around In The Winter?

If you stick with your regular summer setup for your manual wheelchair in winter – you’re not going to get very far! But fear not! There are some options that can augment your old faithful into a winter warrior.

Option 1

FreeWheel - for winter in a wheelchair

The good guys over a Spokz have a great off-road wheelchair pack, which  is great for winter in a wheelchair. It includes a FreeWheel (pictured above) and a 2 off road wheels. FreeWheels clip onto the front of your footplate and lift those pesky front wheels right out of the snow or other debris. At £575, you save £70 on the outdoor wheels and the FreeWheel. You can buy it here.

Option 2

Hand cycle attachments can transform your manual wheelchair in seconds. If you need a little extra power for your wheelchair in the winter – a Team Hybrid hand cycle could be just what you need. If you want more information – please see our guide to hand cycles for the disabled.

I hope you have found this guide to winter in a wheelchair helpful – I had a lot of fun writing it. Please post comments or queries down below. Or if you want some advice – you can email: