Google Maps As A Lifehack For Impairment

Google Maps is fast becoming my must have tool for independence. Being both visual impaired and wheelchair bound, I always have additional considerations when planning a route to go anywhere.

Google Maps not only helps me plan my trip in advance, gets me out of trouble if things go wrong. It is not just the route planner, it is also street view – which allows me to figure out which I need to go to find a drop curb or the safest crossing.

Google Maps – My Safety Net

I cannot see all that well. My spacial awareness is pretty poor and from what I understand, these are very common problems for many with Cerebral Palsy and associated neuro conditions. If I am going somewhere unfamiliar or via different route – I often became nervous at the prospect.

Having Google Maps on my phone as often put me at ease. Even if I cannot see the map clearly, audio instructions can be fed through my earphones. This means that half the time – people do not even know that I am using Maps.

Street View


Recently, one of Google’s new objectives that includes sending men to Mars and building robots – also includes mapping the world. Through direct teams and freelance contributors – Google hopes to map the entire world.

Providing panoramic images of streets and places across the world. These images are integrated into Maps, the reason I love this feature is I can use Maps to form a plan of attack.

Want to avoid cobbles? No problem.

Want to go the flat way round? Cool.

Also if you want to be really strategic, you can even plan a route that takes important stops like accessible loos.


Google Maps lifehack

Maps also boasts a bunch of integration with other apps that I love. The one that I am loving most at the moment is booking Uber through Google Maps for journey that I’ve just entered.


If you’ve got poor coordination like me, chopping fruit and veg can be risky business. I nearly lost the top of my right thumb once trying to cut a potato once…

But recently I came across a nifty little life hack that I think really useful for those who like food and have poor coordination.

The hack is a pretty simple one – us a hair grip to hold the onion and chop it in the gaps. I’ve done this myself and I like it. The first thing is the hair pick keeps the onion stable. It also keeps your hand away from the blade.

Check out more life hacks here:

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