The Disabled Kid’s Xmas List 2016

I created the Disabled Kid’s Xmas list last year as bit of fun. But hell – I had so much fun doing it, I felt like I had to create a 2016 edition. So here it is: The Disabled Kid’s Xmas List 2016.

Switched Activated Toys


Having low motor skills should not be a barrier to play time. Switch activated toys might be expensive (Olaf retails at £52.99) but they will always make my Disabled Kid’s Xmas list. You can get Olaf and others here.

The Kiddy Coyote


Ok, Ok I know that there are some old favourites on this Disabled Kid’s Xmas list so far but with good reason. The kiddy handcycles really do transform your child’s wheelchair into an all-terrain animal. Trust me, your child will be be begging you to hit the park on Xmas morning. Find out more here.

The UNYQ Prosthetic Cover


Does your child hate the look of their prosthetic? Think they’d feel differently if you changed it look more like Iron Man? Well with the help of UNYQ you can! One of my favourite Disabled Kid’s Xmas List picks – find out more here.



A new addition to the Disabled Kid’s Xmas list – Asics trainers are perfect for children who have difficulty standing and whose feet might collapse inwards. They look pretty cool too! Check them out here.

A Ball With A Bell Inside

Think football is just for the sighted? Think again!

Get your blind or partially sighted child a ball with a bell in it and let them fly.

Accessible Books


Earlier on this year – I was told a beautiful story. It involved a young girl who had learning difficulty and her mother who had taken ill. The young girl had a hard time understanding what her mother was going through so her parents commissioned an accessible book from the provider Change. They are affordable and can help you explain difficult concepts to your child.

Safe Spaces


If your child has difficulty sleeping at night – a Safe Spaces pod can be a great way to know that they secure and happy. Check them out here.

That is all for this year…..


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