How To Travel In 2020 If Your Disabled

It’s the start of 2020 and you are sick of looking at other people’s travel posts on Instagram.

But you are disabled and travelling seems too much of leap into the unknown.

However, many disabled people with all kinds of conditions successfully travel all around the world.

Also you might be surprised how good other countries are !

Getting On A Plane

Fear of flying can be one of the biggest hurdles for many disabled people who want to travel.

However, if you want to go further afield – then flying is the only way to go.

Generally speaking, assistance at the airport and indeed on the plane is among the best (certainly better than UK trains!).

So what do you need to know about flying.

Just turn up and travel

First – you don’t need to book assistance in advance to receive it.

Second – Someone can escort you through the airport to your departure gate. So if you’re worried about finding your way through the airport or the distance involved – don’t be.

Third – Always use the fast lane. Don’t just queue up with the hordes, use the express lane (even with budget airlines).

Learn about travelling on a plane in a wheelchair.

What about Travel By Trains

Travel by train for disabled passengers.

Generally speaking, trains are good way for disabled people to travel, whether thats in the UK or abroad.

(Most train services are better in Europe).

If you are travelling in the UK – then good news, we have put together a helpful fact sheet for you (plus – its free).

Check it out here.

Again you can….

turn up and travel
This is true in the UK and in Europe (although don’t expect to be guaranteed to catch a service if your there 2 minutes before).

It is really important that you feel confident to exercise your ability to just turn up and travel.


You have the right to do so

Rights only work if you know about them and use them.

If you are travelling on a train in the UK, it can be useful to know where the accessible carriage is – you can find that information on the info sheet.

There have been some recent changes – particularly with in regard to the new Azuma services so it is worth checking.

We do post updates on on Twitter Page – so do have a look.

Where To Go

Where to travel to....

It goes without saying that if you want to move around while abroad, then developed countries are the way to go.

However, to feel completely in control and empowered – you probably will need some extra tricks up your sleeve.

So… What can help?

Uber is a go to for many would be disabled travellers (or it should be). In many countries and cities now – they have an assist programme and WAVs.

For booking accessible accommodation AirBnB is great because of the search options, including step free access and wide door ways!

In terms of locations – Europe is still number one for many disabled people to travel.

Now you might be thinking that you know Europe and don’t really fancy it.


Europe still has some gems to offer.

Such as:


A green city with a floating farm.


If you want a good mix of accessibility and green space – Berlin is the way to go. You have it all there – good clubs, fine foods and quirky spaces. YOU CANNOT BEAT BERLIN.

Los Cristianos

LOS CRISTIANOS, TENERIFE, CANARY, SPAIN -€” CIRCA JAN, 2016: Pathway is along Famouse urban beaches with fine sand. Blue parasols and sunbeds are on coastline. The Atlantic ocean

If you want accessibility everywhere – including the beach, then Los Cristianos in Tenerife is the way to go.

If you a wheelchair user – the height of the curbs are to die for.

Plus it is sunny all year round!

Using A Independent Travel Agent

Many disabled people have had problems using major travel companies such as with transfers to and from airports.

This is where independent agents who know the areas that you are travelling to can be a real help.

Consider getting independent advice.

Do you need to change in 2020?

Often at the start of a new year, we think new year, new me –

We catch ourselves thinking that we need to do better, we need to have a better year than the year before.


All we are succeeding by doing that is beating ourselves up.

It is so easy to miss what was good about you and good about your year.

We live in a world, where false is all around us.

Whether that is from social media or the real world. Everyone is trying to tell you that they’re GREAT.

But are they?

Well no, not really…

And the statistics support this.

Those are just 2 examples of why a lot of people feel negative about themselves and their situation. Which is why so many people feel that they need to change.

A lot of people also feel like they never hear other people talk positively about then. Whether that is their friends or their families.

Here’s the thing though, many people think a lot about you but might have a lot of trouble telling you so.

So before you start chasing after a brand new you, here are some steps to follow:

Do you need to changw?

Take a bit of paper (or open a word doc) and answer the above.

Reflection is important and especially actually writing stuff physically down, because keeping stuff in your head can make it all jumbled.

Once you begin to write stuff down, you might realise that you are already doing some of the stuff that you want to.


You will at least be able to see that some of the building blocks are already there.

Once you have done this little exercise, you will have a much clearer idea of where you actually are AND also where you want to go.

So ask yourself:

  1. What went right?

Stuff will always go wrong, but last year, what went right?

2. What did you enjoy?

What things did you do/experience that you need to do more of in 2020?

3. What Did Change?

It is so easy to think that everything always stays the same. Week in, week out, year in and year out.

So ask yourself, what negative did you change in 2019?

How did you do it?

Could you follow the same process with something else in your life?

4. What did you do well?

What did you do well in 2019, and how can you keep doing it in 2020?

After you’ve completed this list, there might be things where you think that you need to change –


It is about being realistic and positive about yourself for the start of the year!

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