Why You Might Think About Getting A PA

In times gone by, if you needed a little extra help you got a carer. Someone who might help you in personal ways but maybe also with domestic chores such as cooking and cleaning.

Things are a little different these days.

The independent living movement made it so that many people choose to have a personal assistant rather than a carer.

But what is the difference?

What is a PA?

In simple terms, carer will follow a plan that they cannot deviate from. You can ask not to do something but they cannot do anything that is not in the plan.

Personal Assistants (PAs) are people that are employed directly by you and as result are a lot more flexible. This is because you’re the boss and what you say goes.

In practice, what this means that you can do a great deal more with a PA as opposed to a carer. You can plan trips, have help you to get out and about – basically have them do whatever you want them to do on that day.


With a PA – you can say


Having a Personal Assistant Can Mean Having Control

If you feel like you want more control over your day to day, then getting a PA can one of the best ways to gain more control.

PAs are directed by you even if you are in your teens. This is important because that element of control, is many disabled teenagers should think about getting a PA.

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