Nimble – Review

Nimble is the one finger cutter that is safe to use and stops the struggle with packaging.

Now as someone who has Cerebral Palsy in all four limbs, opening things is the eternal struggle. From pre-packed sandwiches, to headphones to pretty much anything that arrives via Amazon.

Its a nightmare…

If you are anything like me, you end doing all sorts of odd (and not very safe) things with knives and scissors.

Also you destroy said packaging in the process and should you need to return something, you’ve destroyed one of the things that you need.

Nimble more than solves these problems by offering something that fits on your finger and is safe. The ceramic blade can cut through all those really annoying seals but cannot damage your skin (and I did try).

I found it handy little tool to have me, when I am out and about. If you’re nipping somewhere for sandwich or have to buy something on the go, Nimble makes you more Nimble.

It also saves you the hassle of asking for help…

What’s also nice is that the packaging that Nimble comes in is easy to open because the designer Simon Lyons of Version22 thought about everything.

What can be annoying about Nimble is that is so small, you can loose it and it is one of those things that can be difficult to find in your Day Bag.

This could also be true of actually putting Nimble on, because if have to be able to hold it in something of pincer, and for some people that could be tricky.

Still I would highly recommend it – it is a good product that if you can use it, solves a real problem.

Buy Nimble here.

If you have a condition that affects your feet such as Cerebral Palsy or Plantar Fasciitis, finding footwear that you can feel comfortable with long periods can be quite a trick.

For me as someone who has Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, I always found that I was in discomfort if I stood for long periods or had to climb a lot of stairs.

I had tried a lot of brand name trainers such as Nike and Adidas but nothing made a difference.

For those of you who like to work out, I would also say that I limited myself in the gym because I was worried about the impact on my feet.

That was until…

Asics Gel Kayano 25s

Asics Gel Kayano 25s are the only piece of footwear that I have ever worn that I can say my feet are totally comfortable in.

Even for long periods of time.

Now they are expensive, ranging from £140 – £160 per pair. You can get cheaper pairs from sites like Sport Shoes, where previous editions are available for less.

From experience, I can also say that they are hard wearing so they are definitely a long term investment. I got a good 2 and half years out of my previous pair and I was wearing them virtually every day.

Asics Gel Kayano’s are the last pair of shoes that you will ever need if you have foot related problems.

Find the full range here.

Reaching for things in your pocket, whilst in your wheelchair can be a pain and no one wants to be THAT person holding up a queue.

So what do you do when your in a wheelchair and want easy access to stuff like your keys, wallet or passport?

Well before the best bet was to wear jacket or something with pockets on your top half or have a bag like this –

Now for me an under seat bag (like the one pictured above), never solved the problem of easily being able to grab what I need. I still found myself having to fumble around, because well, everything was under my seat.

The pouch on the back used to be another way to go, but it could be equally as challenging to reach behind you and have a rummage around.

Both of the above had issues, then came the Quokka Bag.

Quokka took the interesting step of mounting their bag onto the side of the wheelchair, which means it does create that ‘easy reach’ solution.

When I tested it, it felt like having a third pocket, something just by the side of me that I could reach into. The wallet, keys and phone problem definitely disappeared.

There are some catches though…

If have a wide wheelchair to begin with, the Quokka bag may not be for you because it will increase the width of your chair and the turning circle.

And while you can take the the bag off, like so:

This will not help in aisle ways or shops with crowded displays. Equally, I took mine on a night out with me and although it meant that my stuff was in easier reach, the bag does get in the way.

Or perhaps to put it another way, people find a way to find it.

I have to also state that both the bag and the mounting system are sturdy as hell. They even survived a trip on a plane without me removing the bag.

On a personal level, my desire to reduce unwanted ‘friction’ with other people and objects means that would not use this as long term solution.

Find Quokka Bag here –