Cerebral Palsy

5 Easy Exercises For Those With Mobility Issues

Managing a physical long-term condition can be tough, especially as we get older and good advice can be hard to come by. But doing some simple exercises on daily basis can make more of impact than you realise. So we’ve put together five simple exercises that you can either do in a morning or at night.

Ab Crunches

Ab crunches might seem like an obvious one but having a strong core is so important. It will improve your posture and make you feel more stable. Start with your back flat on the floor then tense your stomach. It doesn’t matter if you lift your shoulders off the floor but you should feel tension in your stomach. Aim for about 5 – 10 at once.

Lateral Raises

Lateral raises help loosen your lower back and ease those little aches and pains. Start with your body flat on floor and gently raise your body off the floor with your arms. Try to ensure that your pelvis stays as close to the floor as possible. Count to 10 slowly then go back down to the floor. Do this 3 times.

Hip Pulls

If your have condition that affects your mobility, hip pulls are great exercise! Hip flexors, the muscles right at the top of the hip can easily get very tight and painful if you sit a lot. Especially if you use a wheelchair or scooter. But there is an easy fix.  Lay on your back and pull your knee into your chest for 10-15 seconds – rest for a minute and repeat 3 times.

The Superman

Have problems with your shoulders? Do they get tight right somewhere in the middle? The Superman will help with that. Lay flat on the floor and lift your arms off the floor (it doesn’t matter how far) and push them out in front of you. You should feel a pinch in the middle of your shoulders. Count to 5 slowly and then release.

Arm Raise

Arm raises help loosen those muscles right at the top of the shoulders and they simple to do. Sit in a chair and hold one side and then raise the other arm in the air. Count to 5 slowly then release. Do this on both sides.

A mix of these exercises on a daily basis can really help you avoid those aches and pains that dog your every day. They don’t cost anything, you don’t need any special equipment and there is no right way to do them. It is about what you can do and developing the range that you can achieve.

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