Cerebral Palsy

Getting Fit With a Physical Disability

You’ve over-indulged during Xmas and the new year. You sat there on the stroke of midnight and promised yourself that this was the year that you were going to get fit!

But getting fit with physical disability can seem like a daunting prospect . You don’t want to do anything that might aggravate your condition or cause you to unknowingly injury yourself.

Your probably asking yourself these questions:


Right now the disclaimer is out of the way, lets get on with the meet of this blog.

Getting Fit With A Physical Disability Whilst Having Fun

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Getting fit with a physical disability should not be daunting and can be a lot of fun. It can be a chance to make new friends and try thins that you never thought were possible. Here I will run down quick list of some organisations that can provide you with some new and exciting opportunities:

CP Sport England and Wales – Their motto is ‘Play. Participate. Enjoy.’, and I can tell you from personal experience that is exactly what you’ll get. They welcome people of all ages and abilities, and you don’t need to have Cerebral Palsy to participate either! They offer football, athletics and swimming as options for getting fit with a physical disability. They operate more in the midlands and the north,

WheelPower – WheelPower are an organisation based in the legendary Stoke Mandeville and offer many of the same opportunities as CP Sport but just based more in the south.

Smile Through Sport – STS is a new organisation created by the living legend Stephen Miller Mbe to create more opportunities for people to get fit and have fun in the Northeast.

Wheelchair Rugby – Getting fit with a physical disability does not always have to be safe. Wheelchair Rugby is the option for those of us who like life a little rougher.

What If I Don’t Want To Play Sport


Getting fit with a physical disability does not have to be all about getting involved in sport. Equipment like hand cycles can transform your wheelchair and get you going places that you never thought possible! Read our guide to buying hand cycles here.

Upgrade Your Wheelchair

Maybe the key to getting fit for you is a new wheelchair? The right wheelchair can open up the world for you. Check out our guide to buying a wheelchair here.

What About In The Gym


That’s my good friend Rob Smith in the gym using Active Hands. Active Hands’ gripping aids are a great way to make the most annoying gym equipment accessible!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be blogging from the gym about how to achieve your fitness goals, whatever your disability is!

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