Mental Health

How Do You Keep Mentally Well?

One of the biggest challenges today is staying mentally well.

There so many challenges to staying mentally well these days. Life is complicated by the advent of social media and being bombarded by ‘perfect’ images.

Gone are the days, where people use to spew immortal lines like, “just pull yourself together!”

So how do you stay mentally well?

Talk To People About You Seem

It can be hard to notice changes in yourself. If you begin going out less or less talkative, it can be hard to be self aware of that; but people who know you well pick up on those kind of things.

Talking to someone who knows you well, can be vital to noticing if your letting negative trends creep into your every day.

Being Over-Productive Is Harmful To Staying Mentally Well

Work is the new religion and many of us measure our self-worth by our work.


Being over-productive is bad for you. If you want to stay mentally well, then it is vital to rest.

If you’re beginning to feel exhausted, then it might be time to ask yourself, “Do I need to give myself a break?”

Sometimes, it is just better to have nap.

Make Notes

Thoughts that stay in your head can turn into the strangest of things. Sometimes, by writing things down and taking them out of your own head, can help you make sense of what you think and feel.

Make Lists

Making To Do Lists each day is a really good way to set yourself, small manageable targets that will make you able to see what you’re actually able to do in day.

Try it – you will be surprised.

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