Here at Ethos Disability, we understand that looking after children with disabilities can be very demanding, both physically and mentally. Below is a collection of articles offering help and advice to parents who have disabled children. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions and be sure to take a look at our shop were we offer downloadable help guides.

Parenting Blog Posts

Top Tips For Parents Of Disabled Kids

We've put together some top tips for parents of physically disabled kids. This is an exact from our forthcoming guide...

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IF I Knew Then, What I Know Now….

I always feel like there is a lot of miss information out there. A lot of people seem to say...

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Helping Your Disabled Child Make Friends

For a child with physical impairment making friends as he/she gets older (ages 7 - 12) can be really tough....

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Key Things To Remember For Parents’ Of Disabled Kids

Whether your new to being a parent of a disabled kid or you've been parenting for a while, it can...

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Impairment Identity

Why Impairment Identity Is Important To Explain To Your Disabled Child

Impairment identity can be a big help to you and your disabled child. What makes us say that? Well, one...

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How To Help Your Disabled Child Cope With Mood Swings

It is very common for disabled children to have mood swings. Low mood, anger and sadness are all common emotional...

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