Here you will find all our related posts for physically disabled students in the UK. Feel free to get in touch and let us know what you think.

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How Technology Has Impacted the Disabled Student

  Only just a few short years ago disabled students were at a severe disadvantage when they sought a higher...

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A Disabled Student’s Guide To Freshers

Freshers week is some of the most fun that you will have as a disabled student. For maybe the first...

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Ethos Disabled Student Accommodation Tips

Ethos Disabled Student Accommodation Tips taken from our Student Guide! Staying at Home and Commuting The main advantage to staying at...

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ED Disabled Student Study Tips

These disabled student study tips come from students, past and present, and experience student support officers. Take A Break Taking...

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Looking After Your Mental Health As Disabled Student

Looking after your mental health as student can be the key to get the most out of your uni experience....

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What Can Go Into A Disabled Student Toolkit

The right mix of products and knowledge can bridge the gap for a disabled student. But what sort of things...

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A Disabled Student’s Guide To Freshers (V2)

It's that time of year again, Freshers week is upon us! For every new student in the country, this is...

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What To Do In Your First Week As A Disabled Student

Your first week as a disabled student is not going to make or break your university, but getting it right...

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Disabled Teenagers

Disabled Teenager, Your Parents Aren’t Always Right

Being a disabled teenager is hard. You have all the usual worries about fitting in, making friends and worrying about...

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Don't settle for less of the pie

Should Being Disabled Mean You Should Settle For Less

Does having a disability automatically mean that you should settle for less out of life? What The Numbers Say? The...

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