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Looking After Your Mental Health As Disabled Student

Looking after your mental health as student can be the key to get the most out of your uni experience.

Unfortunately in the UK, traditional MH support services are spread thin and this means that looking after your mental health comes down to you.

So here are some things that you can do to support your own mental health.

Get Into A Routine

Getting into a routine can sounded like obvious advice but it also can be difficult to do. Particularly if you decide to live away from home. Your lectures and seminars might account for as little as 10 hours a week, so what are you going do the rest of the time?

It can be easy to fall into the trap of doing nothing, which is no good for your mental health.

You want to make sure that you try and have a routine of doing things outside of going to lectures. Joining clubs or other organised activities can help shape your life and give you some rhythm.

If you have a physical or sensory impairment, finding activities that are accessible can be tricky so this is another good reason to join clubs or societies. University based initiatives have a responsibility to be inclusive so they will try and meet your additional needs.

By building up routine of things that you usually do, it will make sure that you always have something to look forward to, even on a down day.

Talk To Your Tutors

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There can be a lot reasons to miss lectures, particularly if you are a disabled student, and missing lectures can impact negatively on mental health.

You can begin to think, “I’ve missed that lecture so I should miss the seminar as well.”


“I missed all last week and I’ll never catch up.”

Despite all your best intentions, life can and will get in the way of your studies. However, all universities will have support services on offer, including student support officers, drop-in sessions and union workers.

Also your tutors will be available for the occasion one-one if you need to catch up.

Don’t let missing lectures or seminars put you in a negative frame of mind.

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