What Can Go Into A Disabled Student Toolkit

The right mix of products and knowledge can bridge the gap for a disabled student. But what sort of things make a good disabled student toolkit?

The Essentials

Your Phone

Yes this is obvious but that doesn’t mean you should not include it! Your phone will always be a critical part of your disabled student toolkit. From apps to comms, your phone can do it all!

It is important to remembered however; that your phone can be a useful study tool. From taking pictures of important info to recording audio – don’t forget to use your phone for uni.

A Tablet

Tablets can be cheap and they are very useful. They have very similar functions to your phone but pack a lot more power. From longer battery life to more advance apps, who needs a PC these days?

Tablets are often lighter and more compact – meaning that if you cannot carry that much – go for tablet over a laptop.


Medication management can be a pain. Keeping track of your meds, while you are out and about can be a pain but the stylish Sabi products have you covered. Check them out here.



Nimble is the one finger cutter that makes plastic packaging easier to handle. Check it out here –


If you drool (and many people do) – a stylish bib can make all the difference. You can take it off and on as you please and they wash well.

If You Are Wheelchair User

Quokka Bag

Quokka Bag

The Quokka Bag is a great little item that attaches to most wheelchairs. If you are a wheelchair user, it can be a great addition to your disabled student toolkit. It basically functions like a third pocket and make it easier to reach essentials quickly.

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