What To Do In Your First Week As A Disabled Student

Your first week as a disabled student is not going to make or break your university, but getting it right can help no end.

So what sort of things should you try and do in your first week?

Find Your Way Around The Campus

Campuses are confusing and in those first few weeks finding your way around can be a nightmare.

Particularly if you have either mobility or sensory issues.

If you spend some time wandering around the campus early on, then it will help. If you have support either around university or at home, ask them to come with you to the campus and just find your way around.

Sign Up For Societies

Societies and clubs are a great way for every disabled student to find people with similar interests.

Not everyone enjoys clubbing and going to bars, but nearly everyone wants to be social.

All clubs and societies will have full range of events to dip into. They’re ready made social calendars – doing what you love.

Get Into A Routine

In your first week as disabled student, you’re going to find yourself with a lot more free time than you are probably use to.

Depending on your course, you may not have that much teaching time and that can be hard to get use too.

That why it can be sooo important to build some sort of routine for yourself. Especially in the first week, you want to try and make sure you’re doing stuff every day.

It is so easy to fall into a pattern of doing very little but in the long run, this will be bad for your wellbeing.

Make Sure You Communicate

It can be easy to think that now you are out on your own, that you need to DEAL with everything yourself.

Especially in that first week, it is easy to think that you want space from those closest to you.


Keep communication going. It is not uncommon for many teething problems to crop early on and you don’t need to deal with them alone.

If You Need Advice

Disability Rights UK run a helpline for disabled students offering advices and support. Find information here.

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