We are all so reliant on travel these day, from getting to work to going on holiday. For those with a disability, travel can be a huge hurdle to get over. In the following articles we discuss some of the tips that we have found to help us get about.

Travel Blog Posts

The Wheelchair Flight Guide

Airports are a minefield for anybody. The increased security, while entirely necessary, makes getting through on to a plane no...

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The Wheelchair Luggage Problem

There is a little known thing called 'The Wheelchair Luggage Problem". The problem is niche problem of more generic one...

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Top Tips For Disabled Train Passengers

Travelling on a train as a disabled passenger can seem off putting. From worrying about getting the right help to...

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Tips For Disabled People Who Travel Solo

Travelling solo as a disabled person can feel impossible because you can get caught in the trap of thinking, "I...

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How To Travel In 2020 If Your Disabled

It's the start of 2020 and you are sick of looking at other people's travel posts on Instagram. But you...

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Uber Assist

The Problem With Uber Assist

Uber is a great service for disabled people, and it should be the case that Uber Assist only improves this....

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