The Disabled Kid’s Xmas List

This is the ultimate The Disabled Kid’s Xmas List for 2015 – Santa is going to be inclusive this year!

Here at Ethos Disability, we’re aiming to make every disabled kid’s Xmas list as imaginative as a herd of flying reindeer.

The Kiddy Coyote


Kiddy Coyote is a great way to turn any kid’s wheelchair into a off-roading beast. Still want to get out in the winter with your mates? The Kiddy Coyote is just what your looking for.

Victoria certainly loves her.

The UNYQ Prosthetic Cover

I bet that if you’re disabled kid’s Xmas list has something to do with Iron Man on it? Well if said person is amputee, why not let them look like Iron Man? Not possible? Think again –


Thanks to the amazing people at UNYQ all kinds of funky prosthetic covers are available to make prosthetics of every shape and size, stand out from the crowd.  Find out more here.

Switch Adapted Toys

The disabled kid's Xmas List

Some disabled kid’s can find some toys tricky. This can be frustrating for both kids and parents alike – fear not! For our disabled kid’s Xmas list includes switch adapted toys. Switch adapted toys are great way to make fun a little more accessible.

Inclusive Technology have a great selection of switch toys that would make it on to any disabled kid’s Xmas list (like Micky pictured above). Although sellers like Inclusive Technology are great, they can be pricey for some budgets so always check out eBay for offers like these minions:

$_57 (2)

Gaming Adaptions


One of our suppliers – LEMPIS deals in adaptations for games consoles and they’re pretty great for bringing Mario to the masses.


Now I know what you’re thinking – EyeGaze – it is too expensive right? Wrong! Thanks to the clever people at The Eye Tribe and Dad In a Shed – EyeGaze can be for everyone.

Sports Stuff

So you’re a wheelchair racer? Or Rugby player? Maybe you’re wanting to get into something in 2016? Well we’ve got you covered.

Wheelchair Racing Gloves


These Harness racing gloves are what all the cool kids are wearing. You can grab a pair from Draft or keep an eye on DisabledGear for some good quality second hand ones.

Active Hands – For Kids


Some kids can have trouble getting to grips with their new bike 0r trike. With the Active Hands Mini Sized Gripping Aids – that is no longer a problem!

iPad Protection


For kids who a bit like me – handling expensive items like iPads can be a bit nerve racking. I constantly worry about dropping the thing. However, thanks to the lovely people at Tabtooth there is no need to worry as they have a great range of options to keep your iPad protected (even if you drop it).



Is it a tray? Is it a bag? It’s better! It’s both! Trabasack  is a great gift for any kid who loves their tech.

Safe and Sound Pods

_gallery-image (1)

For some children, sleeping at night can be difficult and it can be hard for parents who worry. Why not go for a Safe and Sound pod this Xmas – a present for kids and parents! Safe and Sound pods come in a variety of shapes and sizes – and can be custom made to fit all needs. Get in touch with them here


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