The DayBag

My DayBag is my daily box of tricks that hacks life and makes it a little more accessible! So I thought that I’d write a post and tell you what’s in it.

Choosing A DayBag

First of all, choosing the DayBag itself is important. If you a wheelchair user or a wobbly, you want something that is light and ideally with a rigid frame inside it. DayBags with rigid frames on the inside are really useful for keeping important items separate from each other. If you are a wheelchair user, your DayBag choice should consider how long the tassels are! Tassels are the bane of my existence because if they are too long, they can often get stuck in the wheels! Read our review of the Booq DayPack here.

Med Management


Medication management is something that many of us have to deal with and lets face it, taking different meds at different times of the day can be a real pain! Fear not! The good people at Sabi have you covered. They have a range of different options that will not only keep your meds organised but also secure in your DayBag.

Useful Tools For Your DayBag

Ethos Disability DayBag

Nimble is the one finger package opener that did really well in the Inclusive Technology Prize last year. We did a review (read it here) for last year. Its a great little thing to have on the go because you will never struggle with those pesky sandwich containers again!


Lets face it – we’re a nation of coffee drinkers. Though if you have poor coordination, use a wheelchair or any kind of mobility aid – carrying said coffee can be a challenge. However you can often get around this by carrying your own cup in your DayBag. No barista will ever mind filling your own cup for you. I like to make sure that any flask has nice secure lid and handle. A secure lid means that does not matter which way up the flask is you’re not going to get any spillages.


If you are a wheelchair user, keeping a mini allen key tool in your DayBag is a good idea. You can pick them up quite cheaply from places like Amazon and Argos.  They are really useful for just tightening, turning and doing a little maintenance on the move.


Now a days, headphones for me are becoming far more than just a tool to listen to music with. If you are out and about in a wheelchair or using another mobility aid, headphones can be the only way to interact with your smartphone. From taking a call to interacting with an app, headphones are important so choose wisely.

Spare Clothing

CARE DESIGNS- Navy Neckerchief- Front- 2500x2500

For some people, food and drink spillage are inevitable (myself included) so having something like Care Designs‘s Neckerchief in your DayBag. They’re machine washable and easy to stash away if need be.

Keeping Clean


If you push yourself around, chances are your hands are going to be quite dirty. You can wear gloves but if you are like me, gloves reduce your grip. Keeping a little hand wash on you at all times is a good idea.

Those are just some of the things that you might think about carrying in your DayBag but everyone is different and I’d love to hear about some of the little things that really help you!

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