Here you will find everything you want to know about wheelchairs, including: how To buy, how to use and how to maintain.

Wheelchairs Blog Posts

The DayBag

My DayBag is my daily box of tricks that hacks life and makes it a little more accessible! So I...

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Pokemon Go – The Wheelchair Test

Pokemon Go. Has there ever been a more successful launch for any game, ever? I don't think so. You only...

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Magic, Rules and Pushing Boundaries

Living with additional needs is challenging. Living well with additional needs can seem impossible. Picture the scene: You are going...

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A Day Out In London In A Wheelchair

A day out in London in a wheelchair can seem like a daunting experience. It is all about answering questions...

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Wheelchairs, Time To Think Again?

Wheelchairs have been around for a long time. They have looked different over the years but people have always used...

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Tips To Make A Pro Wheelchair Pilot

Most people are given a wheelchair and that is it. But you wouldn't just give someone a bike and not...

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Top Tips For Wheelchair Pub Crawls (Version 2)

Its been a while since we did our top tips for wheelchair pub crawls and some things have changed. New...

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Winter Coats for Wheelchair Users

  Winter is coming… No this is not Game of Thrones, winter is really coming and we all need to...

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Mobility Insurance – For When The Wheels Come Off

Before a particularly heavy night out, my friend James once said, “Lou, what happens if the wheels come off?” Good...

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A Guide To Winter In A Wheelchair | Winter is Coming

No, this is not a blog about GoT. This a making use of the good old House of Stark mantra...

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